10 Things Pediatricians Wish Every New Parent Knew

Being a parent is a wonderful experience. Newborn parenting comes with a lot of hopes and questions like wondering if the newborn cough and the poop color are normal. To help newborn parents deal with the ups and down, we have come up with 10 newborn care tips by a newborn care specialist that every parent should know.

1. A Newborn Cough Can be Normal

Newborns may cough or sneeze for the same reasons adults do, that is to clear their nasal passages of something irritating, for example dust, or to move saliva or mucus out of their throat. But their cough may also indicate severe problems. You should look for the symptoms like: 

  • If your baby is having any problem while breathing
  • If there is a sign of respiratory distress in babies (skin is pulled in close to their ribs when they do inspiration)
  • If their cough is followed by fever
  • If the cough affect their eating or sleeping schedule

2. Your Newborn May Lose Weight

Newborns generally lose around 10% of their body weight by the third day of their life. But if your baby hasn't regained the birth weight by their two-week checkup, or they have lost more than 10 percent of their body weight in the first few days you need to call your baby’s pediatrician. Their newborn care specialist may suggest a method such as supplementing with formula if breastfeeding.

3. Your Intuitions Do Matter

When you become a parent, everyone will be giving you advice. Though these people may have more experience than you, you should not ignore your intuitions. After all, you are the one who feeds, bathes, cuddles, diapers, and calms your baby everyday. Who else would know them better than you do.

4. Newborns May Develop Skin Rashes

The skin of a newborn may be soft but it's not clear most often. There can be an eruption of baby acne or rashes that begins in the first few days to weeks of life. You should only use organic products on their skin like Little Rituals Baby Bio Body Butter to moisturize and protect their skin.

5. Spit-Up Is Common

The split-ups are very common in newborns as the muscle that closes the opening to their stomach may be underdeveloped or floppy allowing the milk to come right back up.

6. Newborn Poop Color May Vary

When it's about the newborn bowel movement, the normal poop may depend on their diet. The newborn who are fed breast milk often poop mustard yellow stools often with every feeding. On the other hand the newborns who are formula fed often poop in a thick texture almost 2 to 3 times daily..

7. Their Belly Buttons Need No Special Care

In the previous time the pediatricians used to suggest parents clean their newborn’s umbilical cord using alcohol wipes. But the updated guidelines suggest that there is no such need. 

8. Pediatricians Don't Mind Phone Calls

Even at the mid of nights calls to the doctor are warranted and who understand this better than a newborn care specialist.

9. Newborns May Cry (A Lot)

You can even count on about 3 hours of crying daily with a newborn. This is the only way they communicate with you whether they are annoyed, tired, afraid, or hungry. You can calm your baby by taking them into your arms or you can also massage them with Little rituals Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil that will help relax your baby.

10. Parents Need Sleep Too

New parents often check their baby's breathing several times while sleeping. But it will only make you exhausted and you need sleep too.

Little Rituals: Newborn Care Tips and Products

It is critical to take care of your newborn as their skin and health is very delicate. You should follow the mentioned newborn care tips and keep them clean with Little Rituals Multi-Vitamin Hair & Body Wash to protect their skin. Take care of their diet and watch for symptoms that show bad health and don't hesitate to contact a pediatrician.

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