10 Smart Ways to Protect Your Child's Skin

We often hear our elders asking new parents to take the utmost care of a newborn or an infant baby. Especially in the cases of their initial years of surviving through extreme hot and cold climates. Babies are more vulnerable to such weather conditions and are likely to catch common skin and other health issues. It is essential for parents to invest in natural baby products and implement smart baby care methods to protect their skin.

Let’s find unique ways to get rid of these climatic conditions while protecting your baby's skin.

  • Use sunscreen

If your baby is under 6 months of age, protect them from direct sun exposure. However, it is recommended to use sunscreen once they are over 6 months old. Their skin is soft and sensitive; hence, it needs to be protected from the sun to avoid rashes and irritation.

  • Keep hydrated

Hydration is the key, irrespective of the climatic conditions. Once they are over 6 months old, feed them the correct source of nutrition that keeps them hydrated.

  • Hygienic care

Don’t avoid their bathing sessions, as it will lead to dehydration and bacterial infections. Gentle body washes and regular shampoo are recommended for hygienic care.

  • Moisturization is the key

Do as much moisturization as you can. Baby’s skin is highly sensitive; hence, even a particle of dirt can cause itchiness and dryness. Use natural oils to massage, use baby lotions after baths, and keep them nourished.

  • Properly dressing

Irrespective of the season, take care of their dressing. If it is humid, cover them with light-colored clothes that keep them cool, and if it’s winter, cover them with layers of warmers and sweaters, including socks, scarves, bombers, jackets, caps, earmuffs, etc.

  • Keep Cool

During the summer, when the season is extremely humid, use fans, coolers, and air conditioners to maintain the right temperature for your baby. While putting them in bed to sleep, make sure that the temperature is pleasant.

  • Keep Warm

During excessively cold weather, infants and kids need a lot of protection. Hence, keep your home warm with the use of a room heater, blower, or bonfire.

  • Visit Pediatrician

Always consider visiting a pediatrician before selecting skin care products. Consider buying dermatologically approved products that are made of natural moisturizers.

  • Diaper selection

Due to the cause of diaper rash, the area needs an extra layer of protection due to its sensitivity. Always select diapers that are fragrance- and chemical-free. Change them promptly, and don’t forget to apply the moisturizer before and after.

  • Extra consciousness

From head to toe, your baby needs extra care and attention. Be very careful, and keep an eye on everything your baby does. From moisturization to healthy feeding, your baby is your responsibility. Learn to understand your baby’s sign language, and don’t avoid any sudden changes in their behavior. If you are not able to figure it out, contact your pediatrician immediately.

Little Rituals: Newborn baby care products!

Unlike adults, your child cannot express their problem. Whether you talk about hygienic care, skin care, or nutrition care, it is your responsibility to take care of their needs. As a responsible parent, you need to understand the minute details of your child and how something is affecting them.

Little Rituals understands your concern about buying newborn baby care products. Hence, we are here to reduce your stress and help you with our dermatologically approved products. We are sure that our products and services will help you be honest when it comes to parenting.

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