Are Artificial Fragrances Bad for Baby Skin?

Our household has dozens of products that contain artificial fragrances such as detergents, bathing soap, candles, shampoo, body products, perfumes, and oil. 

But did you ever think if these products are safe for your babies? Well, in this article, we will discuss whether artificial fragrances or perfume can harm your baby's skin and which products you can use instead. 

Concerns with Fragrances in Products 

There are many possible concerns with chemical fragrances in the products for the child’s body. The products labeled with ‘fragrance’ may contain hundreds of chemical compounds, including phthalates, alkylphenols, ethanol, acetone, and a combination of other chemical products. 

A baby's skin is very soft & delicate as it is not adequately developed. These chemicals get infused inside your baby's skin and harm it. The possible health issue that a baby may suffer due to these harmful chemicals are:

  • Allergic skin reactions that irritate the skin.
  • Chest allergies
  • Headaches and migraines 
  • Irritate eye, nose, and throat
  • Triggered nausea
  • Infant illness
  • Behavioral changes

Adverse Health Effects of Fragrances – Research Backed

According to some research studies, children below the age of 10 are more prone to health issues due to the chemical perfumes & fragrances. 

  • Increased risk of reacting to airborne particles. The absorption of chemicals in the room fresheners, perfume, shampoo, powder, soaps, or massage oils is higher in children than in adults.   
  • Phthalates increase the risk of allergy and chest infection, leading to a harmful effect on the child's nervous system development, which also affects the baby's reproductive system.  
  • Children can’t detoxify the chemical compound like adults from their skin. 
  • Fragrances during pregnancy lead to many health issues in kids even after many years. This causes many behavioral symptoms, such as aggression, anxiety, and mood swings. 

Steps to Reduce the Exposure of these Harmful Chemicals 

Ensure to consider these points to reduce the exposure to these chemical products.

  • Always read the ingredients carefully and avoid fragrance in the products. 
  • Avoid using air-freshener and other such fragrance containing products around the baby. 
  • Always use natural unscented wax candles. 
  • For babies, massage ensures the use of plant-based natural massage oil.
  • Avoid using perfumes & colognes, especially when your baby is around you. 

The Bottom Line 

Artificial fragrances are harmful to your baby, and we can't even avoid using them. However, you need to give special care to your baby to avoid any health issues. However, the essential thing for your baby is the oil you need for massage. You can use our Little Ritual's natural and fragrance-free plant-based massage oil that is entirely safe for babies. Check out our website to know more about the natural baby massage oil. 

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