Top Summer Tips for Your Baby's Delicate Skin

Summer is for relaxation, day-outs, and picnics. However, the season can be stressful for new parents as they get worried about their baby’s health and care. Babies are intensely sensitive to climatic changes and it comes to the parents to take care of their feeding and skin care. 

Skin issues and dehydration are the most common issues that are brought out by the intense sun. However, when it comes to taking care of your baby’s delicate skin you need to know that the best baby care products can be helpful for you. 

Let’s find out top summer tips to take care of your baby’s skin efficiently. 

Baby’s Skin During Summer

It is a well-known fact that a baby’s skin is soft and delicate. Irrespective of the season it needs essential care and a healthy routine. However, during the summer season, it comes to be crucial and more important than the normal days to take care of your baby’s delicate skin.

Sensitive skin needs sensitive care; hence, you need to choose the products that keep your skin moisturized, and safe from tanning, itching, redness, and other issues. 

Here are a few ways to protect your child during summer:

  • Cotton Clothing

Cotton is one of the most soothing and gentle fabrics to be worn. It provides a sense of protection, comfort, durability, and free from sweetness and itchiness on the skin.

If possible, go for the organic cotton clothes during summer as they are hypoallergenic, and do not contain any harsh chemicals. Dress your baby with loose-fitting comfortable cotton clothes, it will make them feel light and comfy. 

  • Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Be it outdoors or indoors, do not keep your baby in direct sunlight. This can cause tanning and itchiness to their highly sensitive skin. While going outside, cover them completely with cotton clothes and apply the baby’s sunscreen to keep their skin texture hydrated and glowing. UVA radiation reaches deep down the epidermal layer due to which potential damage can be caused. Broad spectrum sunscreen can help you to save your baby's skin from damage and radiation.

Don’t allow their head and hairs to come directly in contact with the sun's rays. Use hats, caps, canopies, umbrellas, and other essentials to cover your baby’s skin while stepping out with them.

  • Skin Moisturization 

Keeping your baby’s skin moisturized and hydrated is the most crucial thing to do during summer. Use coconut oil, almond oil, baby lotions, shea butter, and other organic products that allow their skin to be hydrated. 

Coconut oil on infant skin feels cooling, calming, and soothing. It also helps to keep their skin hydrated for a long time while protecting them from direct sunlight.

Also, you need to speak to a pediatrician to choose the best skin care products for them during the summer.

  • Cool Water Bath

Bathing should be an essential part of the summer season. You can use mild shampoo and soap while giving a cool bath to your baby. Avoid using strong harsh chemicals, full shampoo and soaps as their sensitive skin will start losing its delicacy and moisture. 

Make sure that water is not cool more than required as it can cause cold. They will enjoy having a bath; however, avoid keeping them in the bathtub for a long time. 

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