Unveiling Summer Skincare for Babies

Babies have always been known to have flawless skin, so most new parents may be surprised to know that baby-soft skin is a kind of myth. It is common to have skin blemishes during the first year of their life. Hence you need to take care of your baby's sensitive skin to keep them healthy using natural baby products like badam oil for baby massage. In this blog, we are going to give you a guide on summer skincare routine for your baby. 

Choose Cotton Clothing

When it comes to choosing the best fabric for babies in summer, cotton is the one you can rely upon due to its breathing and absorbing properties . Even better if it's organic cotton due to its hypoallergenic nature. Remember, you must dress your baby in loose-fitting clothes, as tight clothes can cause skin rashes . 

Keep Them Away From Direct Sunlight 

Babies have highly sensitive skin that has less melanin and isn't ready to handle the harshness of direct sunlight. You should avoid taking them outside when it's sunny. In particular between 10 am and 4 pm, when the sun's rays are at their peak, you should keep them indoors. You can opt for fully covered cotton clothing and physical protection (such as stroller, hats, umbrellas, and canopies). 

Choose A Mild Sunscreen 

The use of sunscreen is safe for babies that are older than  6 months. However, always consult your paediatrician before using anything on your baby's skin. You can choose a mild and chemical-free sunscreen with a 30+ broad-spectrum SPF. It’s better if it has active ingredients like titanium oxide and zinc oxide that work as physical barriers and protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays. 

Do a patch test first before applying the sunscreen. If it's suitable you should  apply it gently on your baby’s skin. 

Give Them a Bath with Cool Water 

In summer, a cool bath is essential to make your baby more comfortable. Avoid using cold water! The water should be slightly cooler than room temperature. You can use mild soap or shampoo to clean your baby’s skin or scalp. Any harsh soap will make their skin lose moisture and lead to skin dryness. 

Don’t bathe them frequently and avoid using soap and shampoo each time you bathe your baby. You can massage your baby with badam oil for baby massage after bathing them.

Moisturise Their Skin

It is important to moisturise your baby’s skin even in summer, as the sun's heat may dehydrate their skin more quickly. You should choose a baby lotion or cream that contains the natural active ingredients. You can also use natural baby products like coconut oil, aloe vera, or shea butter as baby natural products to nourish them. You can also massage your baby's sensitive skin with a cold pressed organic badam oil for baby massage which is tested on babies sensitive skin to make them feel relaxed and stimulate their growth. 

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