Baby Care Products: Gentle Skin & Hair Essentials

Taking care of your newborn baby skin and scalp is a very delicate matter. Your baby's immune system develops in the early months, you'll need to use the mildest cleansers and lotions. But when issues like dry skin, diaper rash, or eczema appear, you need to be more considerate about using baby organic skin products. Always consult your paediatrician before using any skin or hair products. In this blog we are going to discuss some products that are suitable for the proper care of baby’s skin and hair.

Baby Skin Care Products

Here are the essential skin care products for your baby:

Baby Soaps: You should opt for the cleansers and washes that are moderate and safe for your newborn’s skin. Also avoid using baby soaps frequently, as they can dry their skin.

Baby Lotion: It helps moisturise your newborn skin. Use baby organic skin products cautiously on tiny newborns, after consulting your paediatrician.

Petroleum Jelly: Your baby's diaper rashes can be treated with petroleum jelly. Moist diapers can cause skin irritations, petroleum jelly provides a protective barrier against them. Your paediatrician may recommend you to apply it to the healing site of the circumcision.

Diaper Rash Ointment: It protects your baby's skin against moisture of wet diapers.

Baby Oil: It is best used coconut oil for newborn skin to massage rather than moisturise. Newborn skin is unable to absorb it well.

Baby Laundry Detergent: You should find baby detergents that are fragrance free and dye free. Regular detergents used for adults are too harsh for newborn’s sensitive skin. The same thing you should keep in mind when choosing dryer sheets for your baby.

Baby Powder: When finding powders for your baby, always opt for talc free powders and apply it carefully keeping away from baby's face and genital organs.

Baby Hair Care Products

Your baby’s scalp also needs the same care as their skin. When your baby is almost two months old, you can start doing their hair care for stimulating growth and enhancing their hair quality. Here are the products that you should consider:

Baby Shampoo: You can start washing your baby’s scalp with a mild, soap-free shampoo containing botanical ingredients and tear-free formula. Gently apply the shampoo and clean your baby’s scalp while bathing them. You can start by using a pea sized amount of shampoo when your baby is almost 4-6 weeks old. Increase the quantity later as your baby’s hair grows and gets older. Avoid using shampoos that are meant to be used for adults as they contain harmful chemicals like SLS, formaldehyde, artificial additives, or phthalates. These ingredients are very harsh and will only harm your baby’s gentle scalp, hence you should always use baby organic skin products.

Baby Hair Oil: If you massage your baby scalp with coconut oil for newborn skin, it promotes proper blood flow to hair pores, nourishes their scalp, removes dandruff and makes their hair stronger. You should always use a clinically-approved baby hair oil containing natural oils to nourish your baby’s scalp and induce hair growth.

Little Rituals: Best Baby Organic Skin Products

At Little Rituals you can buy the best baby organic skin products like Multi-Vitamin Hair & Body Wash. It is clinically approved for babies' sensitive skin and you can keep your baby clean by using it. A Postbiotic Face Cream and Baby Bio Body Butter should be applied to moisturise their skin after wash. You can massage your baby’s skin with Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil to improve growth. You can consult a paediatrician for personalised advice.

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