Summer Skincare Guide: Essential Tips for Baby's Healthy Skin

Summer can be a tricky season when it comes to taking care of your baby’s skin. Scorching heat can result in substantial increase in baby's health and skin issues. Your baby’s skin is delicate, immature, and lacks the ability to regulate temperature. This makes their bodies get sweatier as compared to adults. This is why it becomes crucial to know about the best organic baby skin care products in India in the summer. Here in this blog we are going to discuss 5 simple tips to keep your baby happy and giggling through summer time!

1. Bathe Your Baby Properly

It is apparent for babies to attract more sweat and grime during summers. Hence, bathing your baby becomes a necessary task. You can choose a mild baby soap to avoid any skin irritation, as there is a heightened risk of worsening skin rashes in summers. You can minimise these risks by using the best organic baby skin care products in India.

After bathing, soothe their skin using shea butter moisturiser for baby to avoid skin irritation.

2. Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure that your baby is drinking sufficient fluids throughout the day, especially if they weaned off breast milk. Your baby may not be able to ask you for water or show signs of being thirsty. So, it is best to offer some water more frequently, every couple of hours.

Avoid adding sugar or packaged drinks in their regimen, as milk and water are enough for their proper hydration.

3. Limit Their Sun Exposure

You should avoid or minimise your baby’s exposure to summer sun to keep summer heat away from them. Try to avoid stepping out between 10 A.M and 2 P.M. as the sun is at its peak hours and does maximum damage to your baby’s skin.

If its is crucial to step-out during these hours you must carry these baby care essentials:

  • Extra diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby soap,
  • Baby lotion
  • Diaper rash cream

4. Dress Your Baby in Light and Airy Clothes

In summer, you should choose light fabrics clothes for your baby. You can opt for cotton or linen to help your baby’s skin breathe. Don't overdress your baby at bedtime, instead choose a romper suit in soft material. It will keep them comfortable and sweat free during warm summer nights. In case you are stepping out, make them wear vibrant colours like red, olive, indigo to minimise heat absorption.

5. Prevent Heat Rashes

Heat rash looks like a red spot often appearing near a skin fold or area where clothes against the skin. It is more noticeable in babies having a light skin tone. It can also happen when your baby's sweat glands get blocked due to hot weather, use of oils, or ointments. You should avoid the use of oil-based products on their skin, instead use the best organic baby skin care products in India such as a shea butter moisturiser for baby.

Most of the rashes are temporary and get better with time and proper care. If the rash stays more than 3 days accompanied with 100°F fever, contact a healthcare provider immediately.

Little Rituals: Summer Skincare Products for Babies

Your baby’s skin is more prone to different skin conditions in summer, so you can buy shea butter moisturiser for baby, Baby Bio Body Butter at Little Rituals. It will help keep your baby’s skin hydrated and moisturised. To take good care of your baby’s sensitive skin you must clean, bathe, and dry their skin properly. If your baby has a rash accompanied by a high fever of 100°F, or an infection that doesn’t not go away within a few days, you should immediately contact your baby’s healthcare professional.

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