Best Oil for Body Massage by Ayurveda

Massage has always been an essential part of pampering the body and offers many benefits

for adults and kids. However, on our busy days, we often neglect self-care routines. But it's crucial to prioritize the body's rejuvenation through massage sessions. 

In this article, we'll discuss not only the benefits of baby massage but the best oil to use, as well. 

Top Massage Oil by Ayurveda – Health Benefits 

According to the Ayurveda, a full-body massage is a vital aspect of 'Dinacharya' (day routine) that promotes health & longevity. Below are some of the best oils as per Ayurveda you can use for a full-body massage. 

  1. Black Sesame Oil – Maybe you may be unaware that sesame oil is considered the king of oil, according to Ayurveda. It is considered one of the safest oils for babies as it helps strengthen the bones, muscles, & joints. The antioxidant properties reduce cell damage caused by free radicals.

Health Benefits 

  •   Treats joint pain
  •   Good for heart
  •   Control blood sugar 
  •   Heals wounds & burns
  •   Natural sunscreen
  •   Promotes sleep 
  •   Improves hair quality
  1. Coconut Oil – A natural coconut oil is another oil recommended by Ayurveda for self-body massage. It provides deep nourishment and a moisturizing effect by getting absorbed into the skin. The cooling effect of this oil makes it suitable for the baby to massage during summers. 

Health Benefits 

  •   Improves sleep quality 
  •   Natural moisturizer
  •   Reduces joint pains
  •   Best for cradle cap
  •   Treats eczema
  •   Help digestive disorder
  1. Sweet Almond Oil – Almond is the king of nuts and contains Vitamin E, A, Omega-3 fatty acid, and Zinc. Therefore, sweet almond oil is a widely popular oil for body massage with many health benefits.

Health Benefits 

  •   Evens skin tone
  •   Good for dry lips
  •   Facial cleaners
  •   Reduce eye puffiness
  •   Promotes hair growth
  •   Soothe & hydrate body

Pick the Oil According to the Ayurveda Dosha

  •  Vata Dosha – If your baby has Vata dosha, massaging the body 4-5 days a week with black sesame or sweet almond oil helps balance Vata. 
  •  Pitta Dosh – If your kid suffers from Pitta dosha, consider massaging the body with natural coconut oil 3-4 days a week.
  •  Kapha Dosh – Massaging the body 1-2 times a week with sweet almond oil helps control Kapha dosha effectively.
  • Suitable for All Three Dosha – Sesame, the king of oils, has a lot of health benefits according to Ayurveda and is an ideal solution for all three doshas.

Bottom Line

When it comes to massage, you must always consider using a natural oil for maximum health benefits. We at Little Rituals offer a wide range of natural cold-pressed oils, including coconut, black sesame, and sweet almond oil for baby massages. By combining the plant extracts of natural plants with our base oils sourced from different parts of the world,  we ensure the maximum health benefits. So, what's the hold now? Buy the one according to you directly from our website of Little Rituals and give your body the benefits of organic oils. 

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