The Unknown Benefits of Sesame Oil for Baby

Baby body massage has many health benefits and even provides a loving & gentle communication between you & the baby. According to research, a loving touch through massage positively affects your little munchkin's body, brain, and emotional development. So, what else does the sesame oil do with your baby's skin?

Let's find it out.

Is Sesame Oil Good for a Baby?

Sesame oil is one of the best oils with many health benefits for babies. The oil is safe for babies, and you can also use it for massage. As the powerhouse of nutrients, sesame oil has all the essentials the baby thrives on.

Best Time to Introduce Sesame Oil to Babies

You can introduce sesame oil to babies through massage within the first six months of birth. Baby massage keeps the baby's skin soft, delicate, and well-moisturized.

However, using natural oil to massage your baby free from chemicals is crucial. You can try our cold-pressed black sesame oil for some health benefits.

5 Advantages of Black Sesame Oil

  • Anti-Inflammatory - Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties that fight against bacteria & fungi, which can harm the skin.
  • Strong Immunity - Sesame seeds boost babies' immunity. So it's good to provide strong immunity which can protect them from cough & cold. You can massage your baby's sesame oil to keep them warm during winter.
  • Heals Wound More Quickly - Regularly massaged into baby wounds speeds up healing, as black sesame oil has antioxidant properties.
  • Better Hair Growth - Applying on the scalp and regularly massaging it with black sesame oil promotes hair growth and luster. It is suitable for hair and improves scalp conditions due to its relaxing and warming properties.
  • Rich in Calcium - Parents always want their children to grow strong & healthy. One of the best sources of calcium is sesame. For better bone development and general health, you can massage your baby with black sesame oil regularly or add it to the baby's food. However, massaging muscles with sesame oil strengthens them.

Why Use Little Rituals' Black Sesame Oil?

Little Rituals is the only and first brand in India that infuses the best of plant actives worldwide and has scientific proof to each claim we make. Our black sesame oil is the best among the rest because of the following reason:-

  • Infused with Echium oil, Balloon Vine Extract and BioActive skin care components
  • Wooden Ghani cold-pressed oil
  • Certified Organic plant-based sesame oil for baby skin
  • There is no dilution of oils, and ours is the purest oil you could ever get
  • No added fragrance or harsh chemicals

So, get the best oil for your innocent today from Little Rituals and provide the maximum health benefits you always wanted too.

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