Best Ways to Prevent Dry Skin in Babies?

For a parent, the health of their baby is of utmost importance. This ensures to take care of the internal health of the baby while also ensuring the right kind of nutrition and using the best cream for newborn dry skin that not only provides comfort but also secure their well-being.

The baby's skin is different and more delicate compared to adults, and babies' skin is prone to dryness, especially in colder months. 

So, what causes and ways to prevent dry skin in babies?

What Are the Causes of Dry Skin?

Here are the main causes that lead to dry skin in babies:

  • Newborn skin peeling
  • Overexposure to water
  • Dehydration
  • Using alcohol-based products
  • Genetic skin conditions
  • Eczema

Now let's check the ways to treat dry skin in babies.

Best Ways to Treat Dry Skin in Babies?

A simple at-home strategy is enough to quench and soothe the thirst of your baby's skin,

  • Reduce Bath Time – The skin has natural oil, which long baths can remove. You need to bathe your baby for not more than 7-8 minutes. 
  • Use Warm, not hot for Bath – Rather than using the hot water in your baby's tub, use lukewarm water, and remember to use fragrance-free, soap-free wash. Also, go with ease by patting the towel instead of rubbing it. Bathe your baby daily, and never forget to apply moisturizer and the best cream for newborn dry skin afterwards to lock in moisture. 
  • Keep Baby Hydrated – Make sure your baby gets plenty of fluids from breast milk or another formula. Until you get the green flag from the pediatrician, don't offer water to your little one, that is usually around six months. 
  • Adjust Indoor Air – Hot air tends to be drier, so always moisturize your baby's room. You can also use a cool mist humidifier that helps maintain proper moisturizer. 
  • Bundle up in the winter – The baby's skin, when exposed to cold, will be more prone to dryness. You need to pay special attention to cheeks & lips when taking your kid outside.
  • Be on drool and snot alert – Kids dribble very much, so keep some cotton burp cloths on their hands to pat away the dribble. Excessive moisture from the running nose and saliva can often lead to chapped skin when you're out. 
  • Do a Post-Swim Dip – Bathe your baby with warm water every time after swimming in the pool or ocean. The combination of salt & chlorine can make the baby's skin dry even in summer.

Wrapping Up

You can't prevent your baby's skin from peeling by using specific tips & tricks. 

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