How Baby Skin is Different from Adult Skin

Babies skin is super soft & delicate, and as a parent, you must protect & care for them in the right way. Baby's skin develops & keeps changing continuously through the first few years of life. 

Understanding the difference between the skin of little ones and adults is essential. Knowing this will help you choose the right type of baby products, such as the best cream for infant dry skin so that it never harms their skin.

So without taking much, let's move on.

Baby Skin VS Adult Skin – The Difference 

The cell in a baby's skin transitions from an aqueous environment in the mother's womb to an arid environment. As the cells are smaller and the layers are thinner, this makes their skin more permeable & prone to dryness as compared to the skin of adults. 

Sunburns – The skin of babies is more susceptible to sunburn than adults. Adults' skin produces a pigment known as melanin that helps protect the skin against DNA damage from ultraviolet rays. However, babies produce less melanin resulting in their skin getting damaged even after less time in the Sun. Our best cream for infant dry skin helps to heal sunburns effectively.

Permeability – The top layer of the skin, the epidermis, doesn't attach properly to the below layer, the dermis. The two layers have fewer microscopic seals, known as hemidesmosomes. So, compared to the skin of adults, where the epidermis & dermis are tightly sealed together, the baby's epidermis is easy to get past. Also, the baby has more fat under the 

skin than adults, so it's easy for the e fatty substances like steroids to sink in quickly. 

Irritation – As the harsh substance can easily seep into the baby's skin than adults', you must avoid putting the substance on the baby's skin that dries or irritates them. Always use the best quality natural & organic baby products that don't create skin problems. You can, however, use the best cream for newborn dry skin and avoid irritation. 

Heating & Cooling – It's not easy for babies to get warm or cool themselves as adults can. Also, with a lack of sweat glands, they can't sweat much. When the adults get hot, the blood vessels in the dermis widen, moving blood from the core to the skin, where it gets cool. This network of blood vessels isn't available in babies. 

Healing – Unlike adult skin, baby's skin grows faster and has more potential to heal & grow. However, they aren't superheroes; you must care for their wounds as their immune system is weak. They are more prone to rashes than adults, like diaper rashes and irritating conditions. 

The Bottom Line

The skin of a baby is different compared to adults. The essential functions of skin in babies are not developed compared to adults, so providing exceptional care to them is essential.

If their skin needs moisturizer due to dryness, then you can use the best cream for infant dry skin from our wide range of skincare products 2.0.

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