Is Your Baby Shampoo Safe?

With dozens of baby shampoo options available in the market, choosing the right one is overwhelming. New parents always want to choose the best product for their newborn. 

Almost every shampoo contains chemicals that can, however, affect the hair & scalp of the baby in any way. So, how do you know if the kids' body wash shampoo you are using is safe for the sensitive & delicate skin of your newborn? 

Let's find out with this post. 

How to Choose a Baby Shampoo?

You cannot choose any baby shampoo before considering these points in mind:

  1. Proper Research – One of the most important things you can do before picking the baby shampoo is to do proper research. Fortunately, Little Rituals has got your back. The brand is well-known for its quality and clinically tested products.
  2. Check Labels – Before using any baby product, read the ingredients that tell you what's inside that particular shampoo. Being informed about the ingredients helps maintain the health of your baby. Moreover, if some specific ingredient is unsuitable for your baby, you can avoid using that product and switch to another brand. 
  3. Organic & Natural – The more natural products you use for your baby, the less chance your newborn has skin problems. Buying organic & natural products reduces the chances of toxins in a particular product. Moreover, delicate skin only needs gentle products that won't cause hair or scalp-related issues. 
  4. Use Pediatric Approved Baby Shampoo – It's always better to consult a paediatrician if your baby suffers from skin- or hair-related issues. You must always prefer to use paediatrician-recommended or clinically tested products. 
  5. Prefer Vitamin-Boosted Products – The market is flooded with vitamin-based baby shampoos, lotions, and soaps. The baby products that contain vitamins A, E and D help nourish the scalp & hair of your baby. 
  6. Use Shampoo with Neutral pH – Every product has its pH level, determining a solution's explicit acidity or alkalinity. A baby hair product shouldn't be highly acidic or alkaline for the best. Generally, a good quality baby shampoo must have a neutral pH level that provides your baby with healthy & clean hair. 

Harmful Ingredients in baby shampoo:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Artificial fragrances 
  • SLS 
  • Parabens


There is no scope to ignore your baby's health & well-being. The benefit your newborn gets from good products & nourishments during the early years impacts them in the future. So, you must always ensure to use the top quality natural ingredients products that are ideal for your baby's skin. 

You can use Little Rituals multi-vitamin hair & body wash that is clinically tested, certified organic, tested on sensitive skin, and infused with plant actives. So, why look here when you can have the best baby products for your baby at your doorstep?

Book the best quality kids' body wash shampoo and treat your baby's skin with the best products. 

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