The All-Round Benefits of Sesame Oil

When massaging your baby, you probably have gone through many oil options. The baby's skin is so delicate that you can't go with any of the oil for massaging.

Most parents massage their babies with black sesame oil, considered magic oil. So, what are the health benefits of it that it is often considered one of the best oils even in Ayurveda?

Let’s explore the potential benefits of sesame oil for babies.

Sesame Oil for Baby – Is It Safe to Use?

Massage therapy is always beneficial to the baby in many different aspects if performed appropriately and with the right massage oil. Enriched with a lot of amazing nutrients & minerals, sesame oil has a plethora of benefits.

The oil can easily be absorbed with a beautiful silky texture that contains Vitamin E, B1, and B6. Moreover, it is best for sensitive skin, as natural emollient prevents the skin from becoming dry & rough.

Top Health Benefits of Black Sesame Oil to Babies

  • Make Bones Stronger - Newborn babies need a special diet & care for the growth & development of the body. Massaging the newborn with black sesame oil helps make the bones & muscles stronger & healthier.
  • Prevent Chronic Diseases – Sesame oil is rich in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant characteristics. All these properties help prevent the baby from fungal infection, chronic infection, and seasonal diseases.
  • Better Immunity – The immunity of newborn babies isn’t good enough to prevent them from diseases. Massaging the baby with sesame oil improves the natural immunity of babies that, help fight against various diseases and makes them healthy.
  • Heals Wound Quickly – Babies can get hurt while playing. As rich in anti-oxidative properties, black sesame oil helps recover wounds quickly and also provides relief from pain.
  • Promotes Hair – Massaging the baby’s scalp with sesame oil helps nourishes the hair. The warming property of the oil improves its quality, promotes hair growth, and improves its quality.
  • Prevent Cradle Cap – Baby's scalp can develop an oily & scaly patch, a type of scalp rash. Massage the baby with black sesame oil, rinse with shampoo, and gently comb the scalp to help reduce the cradle cap effectively.
  • Helps in Diaper Rash – Sesame oil is one of the best natural remedies for treating diaper rash in babies. The antibacterial property of the oil helps treat the rashes effectively.

Which Type of Oil Is Best for Baby Massage?

The skin of babies is very delicate & sensitive. So, you can’t use any of the sesame oil to massage your baby.

You can use our Little Rituals’ cold-pressed black sesame oil that is 100% natural and organic. Free from chemicals, our oil is safe for babies. Moreover, the added plant actives provide a bioactive component essential to keep the skin well-nourished & healthy.

So, massage your little one with love & care with the unique fusion of ancient wisdom & modern science.

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